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zombie_bite's Journal

23 October
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Baker & aspiring pastry chef.
I do art, baking and attempt to play guitar!
I drink ridiculous amounts of tea and love zombie movies.
I love anything that has to do with chai.
I also horde recipe books and adore zebra stripes.
I have a growing obsession for flats.

I'm ALisa. 25 years old. I live with my other half, Nick. And our awesome cat Kingsley. I adopted him on my 21st birthday.
I've lived in Ottawa for about five years now. I enjoy it here, but I miss living by the water. Over the course of my life I have wanted to be a lot of things. A ninja turtle, an animator [I spent 2.5 years in school], a tattoo artist, a graphic designer. I've recently finished the Baking & Pastry arts at Algonquin college! My favourite person in the world is my mum. She's just amazing and inspiring. Sometimes I love a little too much and over indulge myself in things I enjoy [which is currently coffee]. This year I've gotten back into painting! Which is pretty exciting. I crave the calm relaxing feel of car rides at night in the warmer months, window down and the wind in my hair. Sometime within my life I will own and be able to play an upright bass. They look sexy and sound fantastic. That being said, I effing love psychobilly and rockabilly.